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OPEN HOUSE @ Lineville
Wed., August 27th



Physical Education and Health Reminder

Please be sure to check out the Physical Education and Health webpage on a regular basis for updates, important information, study guides and rubrics.  Just click here or the PE/Health link on the left side of the Lineville Intermediate School website.



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LV SCHOOL FEES dont-forget smiley face.png

  • Technology Insurance Fee                            $35
  • Textbook Rental Fee                                      $25
  •  (New Option!) Bowling Field Trip Fee           $5
  •  Band/Orchestra fee                                       $60
    (Only for students that rent a school owned instrument      

The Technology Insurance Fee MUST be paid in order for your child to receive his/her iPad. The most efficient and quickest way to pay the fee is by paying online at . Parents that think they may qualify for a waiver of the fee must fill out the fee waiver form which is a part of the Free/Reduced Lunch application. A new form must be filled out every year to qualify. Forms are available online or in the school office. Please submit the form to the office before the first day of school.  Also for this year ONLY there will not be a swim unit in Phy Ed so there will be no swim/towel fee charge. This is due to the pool renovations that will begin in the fall.

HOUSE PLACEMENT/FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:  All house placements are now final and can not be changed.  An email is being sent out August 13th with House placement and lockers information Class schedules will be handed out in TEAM on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 2nd. School begins at 8:25AM and students can enter the building at 8:17AM. Students should not arrive prior to 8:00AM as there is no adult supervision until that time.  When the bell rings at 8:17, students should report to their TEAM (advisory) teacher. Students will spend extra time with their TEAM teacher during the first two days getting acquainted with classmates, practicing locker combinations, touring the building and meeting other teachers in their house.        LV House Configuration


LOCKER SET-UP & OPEN HOUSE: open house.jpg

Our OPEN HOUSE will be held on Wed., August 27th from 5 –6:30 PM. Parents and students are encouraged to come in during this time to meet teachers, bring in supplies and set up lockers.  Our school will also be open for locker set-up on Friday, August 29th from 8AM-2PM.  Students coming in on Friday must be accompanied by an adult. .  **IMPORTANT**  Students are not allowed to decorate the exterior of the locker. The inside of the locker door may be decorated, but all items must be hung using magnets or poster putty.  No tape or other adhesives that leave residue are allowed. 
                       Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 


combination lock.jpgLOCKS:  All students are issued a street locker with a lock.  These locks are the property of the school and must be used during the school year by students.  Students are not allowed to have locks from home unless preapproved by the office.  Students will be accountable for these issued locks at the end of the school year.

         HOW TO OPEN A LOCK          

  1. Turn RIGHT 3 times.  Stop at the 1st number   
  2. Turn LEFT one full turn passing the 1st number to stop at the 2nd number
  3. Turn RIGHT & stop at the 3rd number – pull the shackle



  • Any absences, including doctor’s appointments that may cause your child to be late must be called in to our ATTENDANCE LINE at 662-7875.  A message can be left at anytime on this line.  If your student needs to leave school during the day for any reason please send a note with them.  The student should bring this note to the office after checking in with their TEAM teacher to get a pass.  Sending a note helps to alleviate the interruption of the classroom when the parents get here and it is also more time effective for parents.  Parents must come into school and sign their student out during the school day  (8:25 AM-3:08 PM).  If you are picking your student up after school and they are unaware of this we ask that you call the office before 2:30 for the student to be notified.  There is no need to call the office or send a note if the student knows they are being picked up after school.  
  • For pre-planned absences that exceed two or more full days, a pre-excused absence form must be submitted to the office at least 48 hours in advance of the absence.   Advance Notice of Absence form 
  • MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL:  Any medications (cough drops, over the counter/prescription meds including inhalers) to be taken at school must have a Parent Request & Authorization to Administer Medication Form on file.  Prescription medication also needs a Parent Form and Physician Form on file in the school office in order for the medication to be administered.  These forms are can  be found on our web page at ( under the District Forms or picked up from the rack outside the school office.  Parents/Guardians are asked to bring in any medications needed in the original container indicating dosage and frequency.  We do not accept expired medication.  If you have any questions please contact the office at  662-7871.
  • Medication forms  Parent Request Form,  Prescriber's Medication Request Form and Inhaled Asthma Meds  -  these forms are also available on the rack outside the main office. No student should have medication in their locker. This includes cough drops. Cough drops need to be kept in the health room and must have a Parent medication form on file to administer.

     PICTURE DAY  -  Thursday, September 11th


      School Day Hours:   8:25AM - 3:08PM

2014-15 SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST for 2014-15      Supply List


Breakfast at Lineville:       Beginning the first day of school, students will have the opportunity to participate in the breakfast program at Lineville. Students are allowed in for breakfast only—they are not allowed to go to their lockers or classroom.  Any student arriving before the start of the school day, which is 8:25, will have the opportunity to get breakfast.  Students choosing to eat breakfast at school will either eat in the commons

(if they arrive before 8:15) or during TEAM Time for students who arrive between 8:15-8:20.  Students who ride the bus will be dropped off at the back of school and will enter through the playground doors.  Walkers, bikers or students getting a ride will enter through the main entrance of school.  Breakfast will be served everyday beginning at 8:00.  We ask that students do not come into school before this time. For more information, please contact us at 662-7871.

            Lunch Program           Meal Program Choices    

 SCHOOL LUNCHES.jpgLUNCH MONEY:  For parents that are interested in our pre- payment program for their students lunch account please check out   This program will be open for deposits on August 13th.  It is free, easy, convenient and secure.   If you choose to make deposits by cash or check, envelopes and deposit boxes are located in the main entrance lobby and in the back hallway by the North East corner of the school  (Door #6).    



CROSS COUNTRY  -  Join our cross country team today! Cross Country at Lineville is a fun and exciting sport where you learn to train the body and develop healthy lifestyles!  Running is a lifelong activity!  Practices typically involve a fun run and some running games.  Everyone gets to practice and compete if they desire.  Meets are optional and just another way to get involved and have fun.  There are approximately five meets for the season and parents must transport to and from the meets.  More information (practice & meet schedule, permission form, optional CC T-shirt order form) will be available during Open House, August 27th, on the rack outside the office the first week of school and also under Athletics on our webpage after August 18th. Picking up your student promptly at 4:15PM is greatly appreciated.  The permission form must be on file in the school office before the student can participate.  Last year there were over 70 students involved in Cross Country.  Come Run With the Roadrunners!!!


BOYS & GIRLS SOCCER  -  The Skills & Drills Soccer season will run Monday thru Thursday (Look for schedule the week of August 18th on the LV Athletic page).  If your student is interested in participating, you will need to fill out and return to the school office a permission form prior to the first practice.  Forms will be available during Open House on August 27th in the gym, on the rack outside the school office or under Athletics on the school webpage.  PLEASE NOTE that all students will need to have shin guards and rides need to be here at 4:15PM for pick up. 


BUS INFORMATION:  Lamers Bus Lines will be sending home a postcard with your child’s bus number and pick-up/drop-off location. All students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated stop assigned by Lamers.  If your child has a different pick-up/drop-off location other than home, you will need to fill out a Change of Transportation form available online on the home page under “Transportation”, at Lamers or the rack outside the Lineville office. This form MUST be on file before the first day of school.  Students CAN NOT take a different bus home unless there is an emergency and arrangements must be made with Lamers.  Bus drivers CAN NOT and will not accept notes from parents.  Please contact Lamers with any other questions at 434-5100.


LINEVILLE/BAY VIEW PARENT CLUB:  The parent clubs from Lineville and Bay View will continue to be combined for the 2014-15 school year. Combining the groups has helped increase attendance, reduced the number of meeting for parents with children in both schools and helps ease the transition from Lineville to Bay View. Each club will continue to have its own treasury and fundraising activities.


Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of each month. All dates will be published on the school calendars. The first meeting will be held on Monday, September 15th at Bay View Middle School beginning at 6:30 p.m. All parents who want to become involved are welcome and encouraged to attend! Educational research clearly shows that parents who are “connected” to school have children that do better academically and socially. We would love for you to stay “connected” with the PTO!    Find out more / How to get involved

LINEVILLE FUNDRAISER:  Our annual fundraiser will run from September 9th through the 26th.  This year’s fundraiser is a magazine sale.  The fundraiser is run by our Lineville Parent Booster Club.  Most of the proceeds are used to help off set academic field trip costs.

P.E.CLOTHES:  Students will be required to bring a change of clothing for Physical Education. Any light colored t-shirt with first and last name written on it in permanent marker; any color athletic shorts with no pockets-fingertip length, socks and shoes will be needed for all P.E. classes.  Shorts and shirts will also be available for purchase through our Parent Club.  If you are interested in this optional purchase the  order form can be returned to the Lineville Office.  Order forms will also be available after the Getting Ready Class Parent meetings on August 19th & 21st  and at Open House to place an order.  Students will NOT be assigned a P.E. locker in the locker room. All P.E. clothing will be kept in the student’s hall locker and brought to and from class. 

APPROPRIATE SCHOOL DRESS:  Please use good judgment when dressing for school. Clothing which is too tight, has inappropriate logos or writing on, sloppy or exposes the body inappropriately, constitutes a safety hazard, or is a distraction will not be acceptable at school. Please pay special attention to be certain that tank top straps are at least three fingers wide and that shorts reach to the end of the fingertips. Shoes with wheels are not safe and therefore not allowed.   Flip-flops are allowed, but are discouraged because they can at times be inconvenient or hazardous.


CELL PHONES & OTHER ELECTRONICS:  We are aware that cell phones are being used more and more by our students. Therefore, we do not ban cell phones at Lineville. We do, however, expect that phones be kept in a locker and that they not become a disruption to the learning environment at our school. Texting and making phone calls during the school day on cell phones is not acceptable. If you need to contact your son or daughter, please call the main office at Lineville at 662-7871 and help us maintain the learning environment of our school.


We also do not ban iPods or other electronics at school.  However, we remind students that they can not use them while in school or at recess without permission from a teacher.  Bus drivers will also allow electronic devices to be used appropriately on the school bus. There have been some issues in the past with electronic devices being lost, damaged or stolen while at school. It is very difficult for us to recover such items when lost. Please consider this before allowing your child to bring any electronic device to school.


BALLOON / FLOWER DELIVERIES:  We occasionally get deliveries of balloons or flowers for students at school. Please be aware that if you chose to have items of this nature sent to your student they will not get them until the end of the day as to not to create a disruption in the classroom. Students are not allowed to bring balloons on the bus, so

arrangements should be made to pick your student up from school. We realize that deliveries of this nature are very heartwarming and special, but at the same time we feel that we need to discourage them. Thanks for understanding.

Currently Lineville is still collecting Box Tops.  If we do get Campbell Soup labels turned in we send them to an elementary school.  Milk caps are not longer being saved as there are no cash back offers available.

COMMUNITY CORNER -  BP Dance Clinic, Village of Suamico Rec, Non-emergency Help

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NOTES from the NURSE...

ATTN 6th Grade PARENTS on Vaccine requirements:   The State of Wisconsin requires students in 6th grade to have 2 additional vaccines. They need to have the adolescent booster of tetanus and pertussis/whooping cough or “Tdap” as well as their second “varicella” or chickenpox vaccine.  You can get these vaccines at the Brown County Health Department by calling 448-6400 to schedule an appointment or at your doctor’s office. You must notify the Pupil Services Office once your child receives their vaccine by calling 662-7881. 

happpyface nurse.png

Fever - Cold - Sore Throat - Cough - Stomachache - Vomiting, etc.  How to make the decision of keeping your child home?  Click here to visit the "Notes from the Nurse"

Germs, Germs, Germs    A message from the Brown County Health Department


All Students K – 8 are Invited to Attend the BAY PORT POM & DANCE CLINIC, with the Bay Port Dance Team, Friday, September 26th
Clinic registration info

Village of Suamico Recreation Dept –  Summer Offerings

Need non-emergency help? 2-1-1 is where you start. Whether you need to find after school programs, counseling, elder care or any other non-emergency services, 2-1-1 provides confidential, easy-to-use and free access to the information you need